Artfinity governance mechanism

As a believer in blockchain technology, the Artfinity team advocates that the community and ecology belong to all mankind, and not a tool for profit by a small group of people. Therefore, the Artfinity Foundation was established in Singapore. The main task of the foundation is to operate the Artfinity ecosystem in an open, fair and transparent manner, and to support the Artfinity development team.
Foundation structure
Artfinity’s governance adopts a three-tier governance structure of AT holders’ meeting, autonomous committee, and executive committee. The executive committee consists of a technical committee, an application committee, a finance committee, a compliance and risk control committee, and a market and public relations committee. The specific responsibilities of each department are as follows:

a. Technical Committee: Responsible for the technical management of Artfinity. The specific tasks include open source code management, code development, code modification, code testing, code review, code launch, network security, vulnerability repair, etc.

b. Application Committee: Responsible for the implementation of application scenarios after Artfinity goes online, on-chain data verification, on-chain information disclosure, on-chain asset management, etc.

c. Finance Committee: Responsible for the use and review of legal currency, Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanged for the entire project, project development, daily operations, staffing expenses and planning arrangements, etc.

d. Compliance and Risk Control Committee: responsible for the registration of domestic and foreign companies, reviewing agreements, and giving pragmatic and professional opinions on legal affairs.
e. Marketing and Public Relations Committee: Serves the blockchain community, responsible for technology promotion, product promotion, business cooperation and external publicity, etc.
Related responsibilities

  1. Regular information disclosure
    The annual report shall be prepared and disclosed within three months from the date of each fiscal year. Reports include, but are not limited to, Artfinity’s technology development milestones and progress, application development milestones and progress, digital asset management, and team performance.
  2. Temporary information disclosure
    The Artfinity Foundation shall promptly report on major cooperation matters of the Artfinity project, changes in core team members, lawsuits involving Artfinity, etc.